Three flamenco dancers with different origins, Russia, Uruguay-Sweden and France, propose a suggestive show that questions the UNO (One, in Spanish). Process of recreation expressed through dance: OUR DIFFERENCES IS OUR STRENGTH.

The concept: We are the minimum reflection of an immense image, we are pieces of different shapes and colors. We have the right to be different, we accept it and together we become one, big dynamic and complete. The polarities come together and meet to produce the vector of equilibrium.

3 dancers, 3 bodies, 3 identities, 3 figures, all the elements and aspects that have allowed us to feed this creation and develop our idea.
Each one of us is important and we are part of a whole, we are all connected to each other. We can express ourselves in an individual way, talking about our feelings, our history and ourselves in general, but each one can awaken the collective conscience and invite greater solidarity and concern for the future of humanity.

Photo Credits : Pepo Herrera


Choreography: Ursula Lopez
Choreography and dance: Sofia Castro, Katerina Oparysheva and Carolina Pastor.
Music direction: Gori Mazo
Flamenco gitarr: Gori Mazo
Flamenco song: Cristina Soler
Percussion: Luati Gonzalez


Estudio flamenco danza and Sala Cero