Unbounded is a platform that works for genre crossing artistic meetings. The project will encourage cooperation between different art forms so they can meet and create together.The organisation started in september 2016 and had its first program at Alias teatern, Stockholm Sweden. The plattform presented the premier of ”Havsdagg” which is a collaboration between Indian classical dance, Latin American folk music and flamenco dance and music.

Unbounded had its second season in the spring of 2018. This time in collaboration with Stallet, the scen for folk and world music in the middle of Stockholm. It received a grant from Stockholm stad and offered two new premiers, the productions “Mellan rummen”, that is a fusion between flamenco dance, jazz and the use of electronic beats and bucle (loops). “Mellan rummen” has been sponsored by the Swedish-Finnish foundation. The second production was; Sofia castro/Boreal" which is a meeting between flamenco dance/music and music from the middle east.

Unboundeds third season includes the past performances of Confluencia and the joint presentation of Sofia Castro and Anna Petrini in April and May 2019, respectively, in Stockholm. Unbounded will also be presented in Montevideo-Uruguay in Workshop format at the Centro Cultural España in September 2019. Stay tuned for more information on this web page.

Concept and producer: Sofia Castro

Stockholm stad

Uruguayan embassy, Spanish embassy, Musik centrum öst, Danscompagniet AB and Stallet.