Pulso is an artistic work that takes its inspiration from the human life pump- The heart. Sofia Castro started a survey in February 2016 with the cardiologist Lars Rune where the purpose was to understand the physiological cause of the beating heart. It parts from the question: What makes the heart beat? However, Sofia chose to dig deeper into the matter. She also asked the question searching for a deeper meaning and for different reasons to understand what makes her heart, and other peoples heart, beat, what do we find worth living for?

From the physiological examination, Sofia acquires knowledge as well as collects material that is later used to reproduce the artistic work. Sofia uses even the scientific terms from the heart and its circulatory system and lets these symbolize different emotional states.
Pulso is a project that is constantly evolving just like man and life. In constant pulse.

"Don't be ashamed to be a human being, be proud! Inside you one vault after another opens endlessly. You'll never be complete, and that's as it should be."

Tomas Tranströmer (Translated by Robert Bly ) 


Photo Credites : Danish Saroee
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Concept, choreography and dance: Sofia Castro
Music production: Jacob Hellner, Majk Jutbo and Johan Moberg.
Speciel collaboration: Daniel Boyacioglu
​​Musicians: Gori Mazo- Flamenco gitarr, Mikael Augustsson- Bandoneon, Johan Moberg guitar and cajon. Safoura Safavi- song and gitarr.
Audiovisuals: Miguel Angel Regalado


Stockholm stad and konstnärsnämnden


Uruguayan embassy, Spanish embassy, Skarpnäcks kulturhus, Musikcentrum öst and Danscompagniet AB


DN gratulerar: Sofia Castro



Selected to participate in Dansens hus the 10th and 11 th of octubre, 2018.
Dansens Hus is Sweden’s largest stage for guest performances of contemporary dance from Sweden and the rest of the world.

Selected to tour with Dansnät Sverige in autumn, 2018.
Dancenet Sweden consists today of 12 partners, active in 14 of Sweden’s regions. Their field of activities stretches from dance scenes, institutions, regional dance- and musical activities to local and regional culture administrations. Most partners collaborate with other organizations in the cities where they are active. All in all, the extended network involves around 30 organizations in fulfilling Dancenet Sweden’s tours and co-productions.

“Pulso- an ongoing project” was selected to be part of the shows offered by Länsmusiken during 2017/2018 being an organization directed to youth and children.