Mellan rummen

The production is a meeting between flamencodance and jazz. It includes folk music and free improvised music as well as electronics and loop technology to expand the double bass expression possibilities.

”Mellan rummen" is based on an artistic concept that explores, experiments and finds the common denominator between the expressions in flamenco dance and jazz improvisation with Nordic folk music. In these meetings one finds a communication that depends on total attendance, a time-bound phenomenon that arise between everyday activities and routines. This exploration is also deepened into a site-specific work that examines what happens to the same concept in different rooms: How do the different places / rooms affect the artistic work and why?


Dance and choreography: Sofia Castro
Music: Lauri Antila- Double bass and electronics/loop technic, Mikko Iskanius- Trumpet.
Fredrik Gille- Percussion

Sponsored by

Med stöd av region Stockholm.

Swedish-Finnish foundation.


Uruguayan embassy, Musik centrum öst and Danscompagniet AB.

    Photo Credits : Peter Bothén and Urban Wedin