“Havsdagg” is a performance blending Indian classical dance, flamenco dance/music and folk music from Latin America, to interpret the poem from the Argentine zamba “Alfonsina y el mar”. We want to give new voices to these forms and play with their different rythms and emotional expressions.

Alfonsina Storni is one of the most important latin american poets from the beginning of the 20th century. She was dedicated to her art in a radical way in spite of the social conditionnings and obstacles of that time. “I write to not die” said Alfonsina. She is a strong inspiration for the piece, communicating her fearless attitude towards the unknown as she chose to write even about taking her life. Haunted by solitude and cancer, she left her room and headed to the sea and slowly walked out until she drowned.

Photo Credits : Peter Bothen


Choreography and dance: Sofia Castro and Pauline Rebell
Flamenco gitarr: Gori Mazo
Song and gitarr: Monica Albornoz


Uruguayan embassy, Danscompagniet AB, Musik centrum öst and stallet.