Sofia Castro is born and raised in Sweden with both parents from Uruguay. She works as a dancer and choreographer. Sofia also takes part of several productions as a actress and musician. She works internationally with different cooperation projects that integrate both the traditional flamenco scene and the contemporary art scene.

Her passion for dancing started as a child and she began taking classes of classic ballet. Her interest in performing arts grew and three years of theatre studies in the Art School in Stockholm was added to her journey. She later expanded her dance knowledge in the Swedish schools BallettAkademin and Danscenter taking classes of various styles. She studies Afro-Cuban and rumba dance at the Dance Institute of Havana. To finally settle in Seville and develop Flamenco as his artistic expression.There she studied and worked for ten years forming herself at, amongst others, the Cristina Hereen Foundation.

Through Flamenco she is interested in the particular relationship between dance and identity, her career is guided by the exploration, collaboration and fusion of the different styles and borders in art.

Furthermore, Sofia gives regular classes in Danscompagniet, takes part of several productions as a dancer, actress and musician. She has an international portfolio with ongoing projects working with artists from different artforms paintors, musicians and actors. Recently she also finished her personal research Project Pul So.

Pulso was selected in 2013 by the Urban Art Foundation and in 2016 integrated to the Summer Residence Course at Dans och cirkushögskolan, Stockholm, Sweden. In 2017 she was nominated for Dance of the Year by Folkmusikgalan, Sweden. Both her projects Pulso and Unbounded (collaborative artistic platform) were supported by Stockholm stad and Konstnärsnämnden. In 2018 she toured with Dancenetsweden, with her production Pul So (developed from previous, Pulso). Sofia has given various workshops and conferences about her creative process and her work in institutions inside and outside of Europe. She currently resides in Sweden and has ongoing projects in Spain, Denmark and Uruguay.